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Oddfab Design Lab

We ventured on down to Film Row to visit the studio of local fabrication artist Hugh Meade of Oddfab Design Lab. Meade’s creative studio specializes in architectural signage and art projects for the public and is soon approaching its one year anniversary. 

“The purpose of the shop is to support public art, to apply for and hopefully do public art,” said Meade.

“As an artist I apply for public art commissions and also partner with local artists who apply for public art projects.”

Oddfab also specializes in the background qualifications and permits that are requirements for public art.

Meade began his craft largely in trim carpentry and furniture making until one day receiving a phone call from a sign company asking him to come on board. Meade was hesitant to work with other mediums until the manager shared, “If you can build something out of wood you can build something out of steel or metal. You just have to learn how to use the tools.”

One of Meade’s latest projects is a collaboration piece for the Energy FC’s game float. The cart debuted at the Oklahoma City St. Patty’s parade and will continue to be used at this seasons Energy soccer games.  

“This is a way of looking at public art. Most people when they think of public art think of a statue or some sort of vague sculpture, but this (Energy cart) is very public.”

“It also encourages people to think about public art. Public art can be privately funded, public art can be something that is not necessarily stationery, its part of the public atmosphere” said Meade.

In addition to creating public art projects and commissions, Meade also works on personal projects like specialty shoes that replicate patterns of former woodwork projects and a variety of gallery exhibitions.

"I started making shoes because I would make furniture for shows. I usually have to store the work, so I started using principals from the furniture making to make shoes and I can store them in a shoe box" said Meade. 

These intricately made shoes and other Oddfab designs are wonderful to see. Be sure to check out the Energy FC's game cart at this seasons home games. Premiere on Film Row is a great opportunity to stop by and visit with Hugh anytime the shop is open!